About Sunrich Aqua

 leading packaged drinking water manufacturer.

About Sunrich aqua

Packaged Drinking Water

‘Sunrich Aqua, Packaged Drinking Water’ (Other than Natural Mineral Water) is a brand of Mundada Foods which is brother concerned company of “Bai-Kakaji Polymers Pvt. Ltd.” was first launched in Latur in year 2005, started with few customers now we are one of the leading packaged drinking water manufacturer. Due to its unique purification and taste Sunrich Aqua brand have become most popular in Maharashtra and the neighboring states. The slogan of company says “शुद्ध पियो खूब जिओ” [Drink healthy, Stay healthy].

The purification of Sunrich water does not only go through Ultrafiltration, Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters & Micron Filters but also through Ultraviolet Ozonation. These treatments improve overall enthusiasm and working performance of human beings. There needs of people differ so we have made our products available in different variety of packages and sizes. Our products are affordable as well as they contain high quality, because of our automated bottling plant, automated lebeling and automated rotary plant. Which includes all industry standard machinery. Sunrich Aqua is licensed from BIS, FSSAI and ISO standards. The multiple stages of Sunrich purification claimes to ensure that the water is free from all Microorganisms.

Sunrich Aqua drinking water is committed to do business with great responsibility and seek opportunities to make a difference. That means investing in its communities and environment and focusing its efforts around meaningful issues with like-minded partners to enable positive change.

People chose our water bottle brands for their good taste, reliable quality and calorie-free nature. We believe that eating well, drinking well and engaging in exercise are all keys to living a healthy life.